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Your home is the most important space you have and knowing that you have the means to either protect your own home, or a group of them that you see over is key. Choosing the experts at OSC Orlando Security Company to provide you with residential security services will keep your home and the homes of those within your neighborhood under careful watch, ensuring that you have a concerned set of eyes on your property even when you’re not in the position to do so yourself.

Subdivision Security
If you have a planned community subdivision, having security that reliable patrols the area will not only allow those in the area to feel safer but will also make your space more attractive to those looking for a neighborhood in which to live. Turning to the security professionals at OSC Orlando Security Company will provide you with a range of patrol times and options in order to make our presence felt and to deter bad interests from targeting your space. Make those within your subdivision feel safe and secure with our experienced patrol men and women on site.

Apartment Complex Security
A variety of individuals in one building can eventually lead to a clash of characters and knowing that you have skilled and capable security on site at all times can assist you in maintaining order. We also bring you front desk services and much more in order to allow those who belong in the building in and to keep those that don’t away. Make the choice to protect your investment, your tenants and your interests with the professional services that OSC Orlando Security Guards provides. We bring you a full range of patrol and on-site options to keep your space covered at all times.

Homeowners Association Security
For condominiums and other housing association properties, bringing the right level of security demonstration and protection over your clientele can be important and choosing OSC Orlando Security Guards will bring you the experience you need. We have been bringing our brand of security to the Orlando area for many years and know what it takes to provide you with the security services you need. Whether you need a constant presence or simple patrols to deter the bad element from your neighborhood, making the choice to reach out to our security professionals will deliver the quality services you’re looking for.

Vacation Patrol
You don’t need to have a dozen homes in one area to be able to depend on OSC Orlando Security Company for service. If you plan on being out of town for a length of time and are looking for trustworthy sources to periodically check in on your property, you can count on us to bring you the attention you need. Whether you have a single home or a single building that you need covered, making the choice to reach out to the professionals will deliver the consistency you need for a strong and secure presence anywhere in the Orlando area with just a phone call.

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Apartment Complex Security