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Safety and security are vital no matter who you are, where you are or what you’re doing and when you need to have an added measure of either experience in place, turning to professional security guards provides those results. When making the choice to reach out to OSC Orlando Security Company for your personal or professional security needs, you can count on a variety of services available in order to keep yourself and your property safe.

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We have been in the business of bringing security to the Orlando area for many years, working closely with the likes of APEX Security, USS Agency, Curtis Security, Rosins Guard and more. Whether you’re looking for personal security, security patrols, at desk stations or any other variety of security service, making the choice to call into the offices of OSC Orlando Security Company will provide the immediate response you need. When looking for security companies in Orlando that bring you the control and options you require, a quick phone call to our professionals will have your services up and running in no time.

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We provide security guards Orlando area residents, professionals and property owners can count on no matter the level of security you’re looking for. Whether you want to make a soft power statement with a variety of guards constantly milling about in the crowd, or to make a statement at entryways with trained personnel monitoring all of the coming and going within your property, you have the options you’re looking for available to you with just a simple phone call. Keep your property and your persons safe and secure with the best security services in the Orlando area.

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Whether you’re looking for homeowner’s association security for condominiums, apartment complex security or subdivision security, you can count on Orlando Security Guards to provide you with the services needed. We bring front desk service, patrols, camera monitoring and much more in order to make those within your residential complex feel safe and secure. With all the options you need available to you, a quick call will get you started on a new feeling of safety at home.

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From construction sites to shipping and receiving centers, having security within your commercial property not only protects your material within but also protects your liability as those without access to the premises are kept away. With on-site surveillance and patrols around a schedule that works for you, making the call to Orlando Security Guards will bring you the right level of visibility in order to project the fact that your commercial property is under guard.
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The capability to have a large number of people in one space needs to have the right level of security in place. Whether this is stationing at the entrance to keep away unwanted items or blending in with the crowd in order to stop trouble before it begins, you can depend on OSC Orlando Security Guards to bring results. We work closely with you in order to provide the perfect level of protection for your event needs.
“I hired OSC Orlando Security Company for a block party I was having, and they were great. They had some guards in uniform monitoring from stations and others in plainclothes in with the crowd. The evening went off without incident and I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again in the future.” – Randy G.
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“I had a very important individual coming in for a high-profile meeting and wanted to ensure that they were well protected. I called OSC Orlando Security Company for a personal security detail and they were present, aware and on-duty throughout the day for three days straight.” – Bill R.
“I have had OSC Orlando Security Company working for my business for a few years now and I can say without question that they have really helped minimize loss within my store. The guards are all personable to me and staff but no-nonsense when it comes to troublemakers.” – Kim S.
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Specific statures within society invites trouble and can have you looking to capable, professional personal security to provide you with an added level of safety. When choosing to bring in the experts at OSC Orlando Security Guards for your needs, you can count on a full range of detail options from driver service to around the clock property monitoring and much more to allow you the capability to breathe a little easier knowing you’re well-guarded.

Personal Security

Retail properties are often the location of millions of dollars’ worth of goods and turning to your employees to monitor it all will always leave blind spots. When bringing in Orlando Security Guards for your needs, you have a range of choices in how to secure your store, from camera monitoring to secret shoppers, entrance placement and more, letting those who wish to impact your profits know that your location is not the place to do so.

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We understand that various security services can require different means of meeting a threat. Whether you’re looking to have an unarmed show of soft power for those who are less prone to violence, or to have a strong show of force with armed security ready to tack action if required, you have the options you’re looking for available with OSC Orlando Security Guards. We have the highest trained personnel in Orlando ready and waiting to provide you with dependability.
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​Phoning into a security company means that you have a need and it’s our job to fulfill it. Whether this is in bringing you more information on the variety of services we provide, delivering information on pricing or booking an intake meeting in which we can get a better idea of your requirements, you can count on us to be there. We do away with any unnecessary interruptions and instead get right to the heart of the matter in order to bring you the service you need quickly. When results matter, choosing Orlando Security Company will deliver a streamlined and effective approach.